Saturday, February 21, 2015

Fire Pits, a geat addition to your backyard patio!


3' diameter x 15" tall custom stained Ledgerstone wood burning fire pit

We install two types of fire pits, wood or gas. Both of them will provide you with a fire, but there are a few key differences. Some people prefer the smell of real wood burning in their fire pit, as it makes them feel like they are around a campfire. Perfect for those who like to gather wood, live in a wooded area and don't mind cleaning up ashes.  A gas fire pit, on the other hand, is lot easier and eviromentally friendly. There is no wood to gather, ashes to clean, smoke in your face and you won't smell like a campfire when you leave.

We custom make all our concrete fire pits and stain them to match your patio. The sizes vary from a  4' diameter x 15" tall, to a 3' diameter x 15" tall to a 44" diameter x 6" tall. There are many styles to choose from and they all can be viewed at Other shapes and sizes are available upon request. See above link to see our custom-made 3'x5' natural gas fire pit with Turquoise fire glass, a true eye catcher!

All of our fire pits are constructed with a high strength concrete mix and reinforced with #3 and #4 rebar at 6" on center each way (above and beyond industry standards). Our wood burning fire pits are lined with fire brick while our gas fired fire pits come with a stainless steel fire ring, fire glass and a key for the manual shut off valve. All fire pits are installed on #57 limestone with 4" draintile to drain all water and pop out if needed.

Our newest style Stackstone ready to be customed stained for you patio

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