Monday, January 19, 2015

Sanitary, easy to Maintain Floors!!

Carpet, VCT & tile removed after basement flooded!

Nothing is worse than a basement flooding and having to remove carpet or other non-seamless flooring systems. Any moisture in a non-seamless floor acts as a breeding ground for germs/mold/mildew/fungus/e-coli etc.... We are not talking just about carpet, we are talking about vct, tile and any flooring system that does not have a solid topcoat on it. Even unsealed concrete is subject to moisture intrusion. You can stain, overlay or install an epoxy on concrete and apply a topcoat to make it a seamless floor that is easy to maintain and sanitary for your familiy's well being. Contact us and visit our website to see how we can transform your basement or any other floor into a sanitary, easy to maintain, piece of art!

In the above photos we stained the basement floor with Kolour Dyes. Gold, Burnt Sienna, Mahogany and Chocolate Brown were used along with 2 coats water-based sealer and 2 coats of wax. This floor is maintained by simply dust mopping with a micro fiber mop and re-waxing pending on foot traffic, every 3 months, to every year. 

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